Clenbuterol: Why This Kick Ass Fat Shredder Is In Demand By Athletes And Bodybuilders

Athletes and bodybuilders rarely discuss it, but the industry made clen one the most popular, must-have fat shredding supplements that everyone wants.

For years, it remained a secret, that is until anti-doping organizations began understanding how athletes quickly shed fat, and increased muscle mass. Then everyone wanted it.

How Clenbuterol Works

Since 1965, the supplement was used in livestock farming to boost muscle and produce lean meat, while trimming excess fat, and lo and behold, the drug became a hit among athletes for trimming and toning the body. It wasn’t a drug designed for weight loss, but scientist found that burning fat became an indirect benefit of clen, and thus, farmers used the drug to raise lean muscular animals.

Scientifically speaking, it’s a thermogenic agent with a very long half-life – up to 35 hours – meaning its fat burning is longer-lasting. Clenbuterol works by increasing basal metabolism so that the body temperature is above average.

Clen is often compared to its popular cousin, Ephedrine, but this version is more powerful. For example, ephedrine raises the body’s basal metabolic rate by 3%, yet clenbuterol increases metabolism by 10%.

It immediately stimulates the central nervous system, and increases the body’s aerobic capacity. This effect makes you lose fat and gain muscle, and for that reason it has the largest following by bodybuilders and athletes looking to quickly transform their size.

The best features of this thermogenic blend:

• Targets and shreds unwanted stubborn fat
• Stimulates the body’s metabolic rate and increases energy expenditure
• Suppresses the appetite and curbs food cravings. This provides us with will power needed to become lean and tones
• Eliminates excess water from beneath the skin, ridding the body of that bloated look

Where to get Clenbuterol?

The closest premium product currently on the market is Clentrimix by crazymass, evident by the reviews. The mechanism of this pill is far more complex than previous formulas. Much of the demand for theromogenic agents are to suppress the appetite and increase metabolism for fat burning, and most atheletes choose pills solely based on that criterion. Clentrimix uses a better combination of ingredients that not only shreds faster, but revs the metabolism up to 35 hours. Additionally, apart from its ability to burn fat as an anti-catabolic, Clentrimix helps to maintain muscular gains.

Many of the old theromogenic agents over stimulated the nervous system, which in turn made people moody, or involved tremors and headaches, and gave a sense of exhaustion when the pills wore off. However, Clentrimix shows a more stabilized combination of ingredients that work harmoniously without unpleasant side effects, and this combination has been deemed remarkable due to its quick anabolic effects.

There is often confusion about what it is and its legal status today. It is not a prescriptive drug, and its not a steroid. It’s a thermogenic supplement that aids in blasting fat, and literally, it’s the perfect blend available for fast results.